[Eucalyptus-Users 0516] Fwd: Installation Documentation Ready for Japanese Translation

Osamu Habuka xiu.yushen @ gmail.com
2012年 8月 2日 (木) 10:58:47 JST


Eucalyptus 社の Scot さんが JEUG の事務局に以下のメールを送ってきたので転送します。
翻訳したからと言って直接的な見返りはないとは思いますが、三度の飯より Eucalyptus が
# 私独りだといつ終るかわからないので…f^^;


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Scot Marvin <scot @ eucalyptus.com>
Date: 2012/8/2
Subject: Installation Documentation Ready for Japanese Translation
To: office @ eucalyptus-users.jp


I'm a technical writer at Eucalyptus. I have our installation guide
(in a single XLIFF file) posted to Transifex. It is ready for folks to
start working on translation. We're using our Eucalyptus community
members to translate. I immediately thought of you all, and thought I
would write to  see if you have any interest in translating this

If you are interested, register with Transifex here: www.transifex.com
and click Sign Up. After your email confirmation, you can then choose

You should now be able to go our resource page:
https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/euca_ig/language/ja_JP/. On that
page, you can either download the file or translate online. Transifex
stores all of the translation memory online. You can translate a word,
a phrase, a sentence, or a paragraph. Or, if you have lots of time,
please feel free to translate the whole guide.

Thanks for your consideration,


-- Scot



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